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The Wasp and The Lotus

a mix CD by Papa Derray

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We offer this website as an educational tool. As a tool, it is just that, not an end unto it self. And like a tool it is only as useful as the craftsman who yeilds it. So on your journey through this site please remember: Real Life Exists Off-Line. It is the spark that draws us to one another, it is the fluttering of your heart as you look into your lover's eyes, it is the unspoken bonds of loyalty and betrayal amongst friends and family. It exists beyond the concrete interstates and the tax-payer's cluster bombs. It extends to places the information super highway can never reach.

Michael Moore's new film got you asking questions? Heard rumors of bombs planted in the twin towers? Just what exactly is Bush's ties with Bin Laden?

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We Will Never Forget

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