99th Monkey Presents

The Wasp and The Lotus
A mix cd by Papa Derray
An incredible audio experience. Not only does this recording span a full spectrum of musical genres (from reggae to jazz to electronic trance to folk, and featuring artists such as Rage Against the Machine, Jimmy Cliff and Charles Mingus), it also delivers a strong dose of
This full length cd is intended for educational purposes.

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truth, well needed in our all too complacent society. (spoken word by Martin Luther King Jr., Howard Zinn, David Ike, Jim Hightower and more) As the cd progresses through it's 12 tracks it moves the listener through the anger that can come from discovering the disturbing facts about our government, our society and the state of the world, and into a state of self empowerment, hope, and celebration of humanity.

So whether it's used as a tool for motivation, inspiration or dance-itation, these are some damn good tunes!
All music remixed by Papa Derray.
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