All of Life is vibration. This includes the human body. When a human body's vibrations are "balanced" they are in harmony and the effect is abundant and joyous health. When our bodies become out of alignment we become ill and our bodies struggle to regain their harmony. Unfortunately many of us do nothing to help our bodies maintain our natural alignment, but actually hinder it by introducing toxins in the forms of nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars, and a milieu of other poisons commonly found in the local grocery store. The diet of the average American is poisonous. MSG's, GMO's, growth hormones and pesticides are riddled in all we eat thanks to the industrialization of food, medicine and agriculture. As the use of such toxins increases so does cases of cancer.
"I don't believe that a person actually creates disease, but that his soul is expressing an important message to him through the disease" -Dr Mindell

Another, and perhaps more direct reason we become ill is from suppressing emotions. When you feel a certain way and you do not express it, the energy of that emotion becomes stuck in your body. Over time, as the emotion is ignored and suppressed further, it becomes stagnant and lowers the body's immune system, welcoming illness and disease.

It is when we recognize this and begin to become conscious of ourselves that true healing occurs. The new health paradigm will be listening to our bodies over our doctors. It will be honoring our intuitions about our own health, healing the root of our dis-eases and not just fixing the symptoms. When we realize the intimate connection between our mind, soul and body, we will empower ourselves once again to be the healers we were naturally born to be.

Vibrational Healing Methods
in the New Millennium

By Lisa Seelandt-Stassek

Ascension into this new millennium, has made it appropriate to inquire about new medical treatments and modalities. As we proceed into levels of higher consciousness, it is conceivable that traditional medicine, as we know it, will be abandoned. Its replacement will be that we instead trust the wisdom of our bodies, assigning the appropriate treatment to suit that particular body’s very individual needs. This assignation will extend even further, wherein we will assume responsibility for our role in the creation of the dis-ease, its area of manifestation, and the subsequent treatment.

Vibrational therapies encourage us to align ourselves with the energy fields that surround us and attune our vibrations with the harmonic universal vibrations that also surround us.

Our entire life force is filled with pulsating energy. Within this life force, there is a rhythm, a synchronicity, a vibration, a frequency and a resonance. For the purpose of comparison, recall the many beautiful and varied sounds of a symphony orchestra. The orchestra depends upon the individual sound of each instrument, to form the collective whole. Each participating instrument has its individual sound and is a component of the whole; distinctly separate and yet interdependent upon the other. The culmination of each instrument vibrating in unison in a state of synchronization is what we call resonance. There is a characteristic rhythm which expresses a certain frequency. Sounds that vibrate at the same frequency are said to resonate together, since their individual vibrations resound in the same rhythm. When something resonates, it bonds together. This is sympathetic vibration. In much the same way, ourselves we are a myriad of vibrations that resonate together through divine orchestration.

Vibrational medicine technology attempts to treat the mind, body, and spirit of the multidimensional human through the distribution of measured vibrations, or frequencies of energy, to the energy fields.

When energy becomes blocked in the human body, our system is said to be in a state of imbalance. These imbalances are the precursors of illness and dis-ease, which occur when the energy systems of the human body are out of alignment.

Disease and illness show up in our energy fields before actual invasion in the body. If the imbalances in the energy field are ignored, physical symptoms will ensue and later manifest as health problems. The human energy systems must maintain a certain free-flow of energy, and balance to pulsate the vibration of health.

Disease can be described quite simply as dis-ease, or a lack of ease, within the body. The lack of ease within the body culminates, intensifies, and ultimately creates a negative effect upon the natural vibrations, rhythms, and flows of life energy. A disruption in the delicate balance of energy systems compromises the flow of “chi”, or life energy, between collective points in the body. The continual resistance and repression of the harmonic flows of energy, dull the energy fields of the body. The dis-eased person actually begins to vibrate at a lower rate, creating a slower vibration.

The body’s intricate energy systems can also be disturbed by consumption of processed foods, stress, life crises, environmental pollutants, and other toxins.

The Eastern cultures, have long recognized the primary importance of restoring the human energy system to a state of harmony and balance. This is accomplished by raising the Vibrational frequency.

Energy influences matter because of electromagnetic fields which can affect and raise or lower the vibrating rate of matter. When energy and matter vibrate at similar levels, good health is assured. The body and the energy fields are in alignment and the organism responds with essential good health. Transformation and spiritual growth lead to higher consciousness. Integrating this total alignment and balance are the goals for healing in this new age.

To conclude this foray into vibrational medicine, I quote the inspired words of Black Elk, a Lakota medicine man, who wisely said "Peace comes when the souls of man realize their oneness within the Universe. And they realize that the Universe is everywhere, and it is within each of us.. Rather than looking out, the Universe actually lives in each of us”.

In this new age of energy, vibrational medicine offers us the opportunity to align our bodies with their true connection to the divine. The concepts of energy medicine utilize the universal life force energies to maintain balance within the energy fields of the human body. We are not a single structure separate from the universe. As the collective consciousness of humankind awakens, the realization dawns that we are an integral part of the entire universe - not separate and distinct from Source, but dependent upon and inter-related with the cosmic energies that surround us.