First Aid was completed after the attacks of the WTC and the Pentagon. It's original purpose however was intended to cause students to think critically about what has been come to be known as the "education system." This is why we at 99th Monkey have tried so hard to get these manuals into the hands of students. For while you are completing your required indentured servitude you may as well begin to dismantle the machine from the inside.

Here you can download our manual for printing! The files are very big but worth every megabyte. Borrow your friend's cable connection if you have to.

Feel free to reproduce and distribute this zine. If you do your homework you will find that it is not hard to scam your local Kinkos into making a few hundred for ya.

To view these files you will have to have Acrobat Reader. It is free to download.
Alternate Cover

So here is how it goes: There are 16 pages, each it's own file. First download all the files then print them. Print page 1 first. Then flip it over and print page 2 on the back of page one. Do not use excessively thin paper or it will bleed through. Print page 4 on the back of page 3 etc., etc., etc.

When you are done, share.

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