Okay, so what could possibly drive an individual to get off the couch and go out into the streets to protest, being assaulted by police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets?

America™ (and the world) is in the clutches of a police state where all dissidents can and will be silenced. Power is swiftly and blatantly being stripped from the many and amassing in the hands of the few. Prisons and jail cells are filling faster than new ones can be built and the government created and perpetuated War on Drugs is raging out of control. Our climate is changing due to our brainwashed mega-consumption and refusal to acknowledge and act upon the overwhelming evidence at hand. Our government has stepped outside of the people's control (and perhaps even the president's control) and has made secret deals and exclusive agreements, classified agendas and temporary alliances with terrorists, genocidal regimes, manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction, enviro-suicidal corporations and perhaps, as ever increasing evidence shows, extra-terrestial life.

So as All-American Jonny High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup sits at home getting fat in front of the TV an extinction is taking place. An extinction that rivals the dusk of the dinosaurs. A conglomerated few, made up of the richest bankers, CEO's, weapon dealers and fascist dictators (some parading as "democratically elected officials") seem hell bent on making our planet uninhabitable for human existence...... what's that bumper sticker say?

What can an individual do?
First we must break the silence.
We must abandon all that which does not empower us. This may include your car. This may include your family and friends. This may include your very life as you have know it so far. But these things must be done.
For we must Become the Change we Wish to See. That which We are to Be.

And trust.... There will be others.

"If "you" are not going to...eliminate injustice and generally contribute to the resolution of our multitudinous social evils, then who is going to do it?" - Dr. Wayne Dyer - "The Sky's The Limit."

Networks of people are already in place across the country and across the globe. Taking to the street in demand of justice and accountability is only one aspect of the new activist. We must also become our own media. Education and information sharing is the key to activist networking.

But above all, we must create the world we wish to live in. A world of shared resources and equal opportunity. A world of nurturing and peace. A world of beauty and joy.

Police in Seattle, like Centurion Guards pepper spraying peaceful protesters at the World Trade Organization meeting Nov.30, 1999
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